Molly O’Malley

Master Stylist/Co-Owner

Molly O'MalleyMolly O’Malley has been working in the hair industry for 16 years. After receiving her cosmetology license from Lancaster School of Cosmetology, she was hired by Chryst Ruth as her apprentice. From day one, the two seemed to hit it off just perfectly. They’re partnership at Odyssey Salon is more than just business oriented. Through their experiences, they have formed a strong professional and intellectual friendship. Together, they make Odyssey Salon an enjoyable experience for both their staff and their clientele. Molly specializes in precision cutting, men’s cuts, all variations of the “bob,” finishing and blowouts. “I want to make each client feel special and able to leave with a style that requires little styling effort.” Outside of the salon, Molly spends most of her days raising her three young sons. She enjoys all types of family activities, the outdoors, and entertaining friends at home.